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The reason behind my $100 cash bonus

$100 isn’t much money, but it can motivate some people to take action and start their business. In my newest YouTube video, I’ll explain why I’m giving away $100 cash to everyone who decides to partner up with me:

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How to get the best online business coaching

On February 17th, I launched MTTB coaching. The launch of my personal online business coaching program surprised so much that I had to let everybody know, from Facebook to twitter and my 10k list of subscribers.

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News and Announcements

All new Top Level Affiliate Theme and Features

This is me making things happen as I mentioned here. This is new small step toward a great year for me. Today, we officially launched the new Top Level Affiliate theme. This is not just a theme change for better looks, but for more awesome features in Top Level Affiliate.



Top Level Affiliate Forums will be launched on February 2016 using advanced Discourse forum system. This will allow our visitors to ask questions, find answers and even answer to other members questions, communicate and discover great stuff that can help grow their businesses.



As I explained here, now marketers can advertise on Top Level Affiliate. At this moment we only have 2 advertising spots, header for a 720×90 banner and sidebar for a 300×250 banner. More spots like in article ads, footer and popup ads will be available soon.



Marketplace feature will be released with Forums in February 2016. Marketplace is where all members can post their promotional content and their content will be advertised on the website for 15 days.


Visit Top Level Affiliate Affiliate to learn more about new features.

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News and Announcements

My future online business plans for upcoming year

It’s just unbelievable how fast time flies sometimes. It’s almost 2016, an absolutely important year for me. I’ve been doing online marketing for almost 5 years now, and 2016 is the year I will make my final move to jump high as I can!

Before New Year, I have to get some things done, like scaling everything and making sure we have the right plan for the next year ahead.

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New Changes On “A Rich Mindset” Training Series

A Rich Mindset” training series was one of my top selling launches ever, with almost 3000 sales on first day, it was a great experience in product launch and also product management.

About 2 weeks after launch, I decided to make some changes to the way training series work and it was an absolute success. Instead of just a YouTube training series, it focuses on High Ticket Affiliate Marketing and has YouTube training and SEO training as an extra inside members area.

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