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Like everyone else, I started online marketing and affiliate marketing with the dream of becoming financially free, but unlike many people, I had to make a very hard decision to become successful in internet marketing.
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20 Websites to Promote Your Infographics

The world is a strange place. People like to see and watch more than anything else and this is changing marketing in ways many people couldn’t imagine 5 years ago. One of these strange marketing phenomena are infographics, the way they work. Infographics have proven time to time to work better than anything else, in fact, there are some websites online dedicated to infographics!

As a marketer, you should leverage infographics in your business to keep up with the latest marketing trends. Here’s a list of 20 websites where you can promote your infographics in order to reach out to more people without paying any fees.


2. Infographic Reviews

3. Slideshare

4. Fast Company

5. Infographics Showcase

6. Flickr

7. Reddit

8. Infographic Bee

9. Infographaholic

10. Flowing Data

11. Daily Infographic

12. Mashable Infographics

13. Cool Infographics

14. NerdGraph

15. I Love Charts

16. Infographic Labs

17. Media Caffeine

18. News I Like

19. Infographic Journal

20. Infosthetics

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My Copy and Paste Solo Ads

Subject Lines:

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Subject Lines:

Discover How I Went From $774 P/Mo To $100k P/mo In Less Than 12 Months?



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Subject Line: 




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Visualize success if you want to fail!!!

For many years we’ve heard that visualizing our success is key to attaining it–but a study conducted in 2011 indicates otherwise. Researcher proved that not only is positive visualization ineffective, it’s counterproductive.

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How to successfully fail in email marketing!

I’m not going to point fingers at specific people, but unfortunately sometimes you see mistakes that you simply can’t let go. For example in my latest YouTube video, I reviewed examples of a good and bad email marketing campaign.

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Kind of products you shouldn’t promote as an affiliate marketer

I get around 25 promotional emails every day and I’m not even complaining :) and I almost open all of them, for four reasons:
1. Maybe there is a good offer in there
2. I want to know who is the email from
3. What’s the product he/she is trying to sell
4. To learn “what” they are doing to sell it
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