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Kind of products you shouldn’t promote as an affiliate marketer

I get around 25 promotional emails every day and I’m not even complaining :) and I almost open all of them, for four reasons:
1. Maybe there is a good offer in there
2. I want to know who is the email from
3. What’s the product he/she is trying to sell
4. To learn “what” they are doing to sell it

Most of the time I don’t buy them, because the product is BS. it’s kind of sad because these marketers are trying to make a sale but they are doing it ALL WRONG. When the product isn’t good, even the best sales strategies will fail:

We’ve all been there. You’re trying to find a product to promote and can’t find the right one or maybe you don’t even know what’s “right”.
Imagine you find a product. You begin to invest time and money to promote it and it won’t sell, or maybe it sells, but everyone returns it and you end up lose your commission.
Sean Bagheri
Like everyone else, I started online marketing and affiliate marketing with the dream of becoming financially free, but unlike many people, I had to make a very hard decision to become successful in internet marketing.
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