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Visualize success if you want to fail!!!


For many years we’ve heard that visualizing our success is key to attaining it–but a study conducted in 2011 indicates otherwise. Researcher proved that not only is positive visualization ineffective, it’s counterproductive.

During these experiments, researchers demonstrated that positive fantasies of success drains the energy out of ambition. When we imagine having reached what we want, our brains fall for the trick.

Instead of mustering more energy to get “there,” we trigger a relaxation response that slows us down. Physiologically, we slide into our comfy shoes; blood pressure lowers, heart rate decreases, all is well in the success world of our mind’s making.

Sean Bagheri
Like everyone else, I started online marketing and affiliate marketing with the dream of becoming financially free, but unlike many people, I had to make a very hard decision to become successful in internet marketing.
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